Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Six Goals Brazil Scored

I don't know about you but I found the Brazil vs. Germany game last night VERY PAINFUL! India and football...well that's a joke, so I became a Brazilian once England lost...I did my research, became a dedicated fan, no it's fair to say I was crying with those painted faces on TV at every goal that tricked Julio Cesar's brilliance! Eventually my screaming throat dried up, my sighs were so heavy that they deflated my lungs and my fist no longer had the energy to punch the air around me...that was when I pondered on the loss, the tears and the guilt filled shame that seemed to penetrate into my living room. That's when it occurred to me! You know what, Brazil might have lost 1-7 to Germany, but they sure scored those defining six goals elsewhere...

GOAL 1 - Don't play the blame game
Brazil's team spirit is one to admire and applaud, however I felt this draining by the minute during their final match. Whether it be Julio Cesar's inefficiency against the Germans, or Neymar's misses against the Colombians, they never point fingers, just comfort. Even when Marcelo made that own-goal blunder against Croatia, it was evident his mates were reassuring him and not rebuking him, however his regret was too much to appease!
Oh finally, let me not forget Luiz Felipe Scolari proving to us that they would blame none but themselves.

GOAL 2 - Never forget those who were instrumental in your progress.
Silva and Neymar were no doubt instrumental in Brazil's progress (everyone else was too), it was truly tragic that they both were to be out during this crucial match. Neymar couldn't because of his injury, but his presence gave his team morale to press on! Despite the absence, I loved how Julio Cesar and David Luiz held his shirt during their National Anthem.
Moreover, on social media, they are all very vocal in expressing their gratitude to all their supporters, and primarily to God. True humility, true love, true gratitude.

GOAL 3 - When the world says, 'it is over', prove them wrong!
90 minutes gone and Brazil was down 0-7 against Germany, just when it seemed pointless to even add another minute to the game, Oscar stunned us all with a goal! Yes it was hailed the 'most pointless goal' but I do not doubt the fact that 1-7 is slightly better than 0-7 - losing is painful enough but leaving empty handed would've been excruciating. I guess we can all learn from Oscar to never give up, even when the odds are against us. Keep trying!

GOAL 4 - Never consider yourself better than others.
It is quite sad that many exalt Neymar and put every other player down - truth is that even Neymar doesn't see it that way (Don't believe me? Check his social media outlets!). It is a fact that there are star players in every team, but football isn't about gaining individual glory, it is about team effort. The Brazilians lift each other up, believe in each other and never try to make it a one man show! Every player scores for his team's glory!

GOAL 5 - Comfort the hurting
I am no football expert, I only watch the World Cup! So I guess it finally makes sense as to why I am not assessing the technicalities of this match! However, I need not be an expert to acknowledge how these players care for each other. Although goals are their priority on the field, more important are their fellow players! When Neymar fell face down, Marcelo first, later David Luiz, retired to his side until the doctors came - they weren't going to leave him alone and crying in pain to run after a petty goal!

GOAL 6 - In all things, give thanks.
I LOVE BRAZIL for various reasons, utmost of which is their unashamed expression of faith - from Kaka to David Luiz, before and after every match, after every goal scored, these players do not fail to point to the source of their strength, God. Before the match last night, the commentators on BBC 1 were analysing David Luiz's capacity to lead a team - I have to say that I was very disappointed in the way Alan Hansen dismissed Luiz's expression of faith! In our society you'd think 'open-minded' people would be more accommodative...apparently not!
What astonished me however was not Hansen's comment, but what followed Brazil's tragic loss. Others, including Luiz Gustavo, joined David Luiz on his knees - a picture that baffled many, made them an object of further ridicule, but to every Christian watching, I hope it was as special as it was to me. It is one thing to give thanks when you win, but doing the same when you know the humiliation that awaits you is admirable. They followed Paul's advice to 'give thanks in all circumstances'. By doing so they acknowledge God's sovereignty and the fact that He is glorified not only in our victories but also in our failures!
I bet He was smiling down on them!

So, what went wrong?
Perhaps their lack of confidence and psychological deficiency due to the absence of two of their important players. Perhaps the doubts and increasing despair as crowds departed the stadium. Perhaps the nerves and desperation...truth is, I don't know!

I'm not going to lie, the melancholy I felt was heartwrenching but it did shame me! Often, we get too involved and forget that football (or anything else for that matter) is just a game; it's not something to lose our happiness over or start a riot over! With that in mind, let me declare with a smile that Brazil may have lost their home World Cup, but they certainly won my heart!

(Shout out to my cousin, Ramya, for suggesting I write about this painful event!)


  1. Another amazing post! It's incredible how you saw a different perspective to the game! Keep it up Cindy, Much love Deborah xxx