Sunday, 19 January 2014

To go or not to go...

Let's face it! We've all been in indecisive situations that rob our minds of clarity and our hearts of peace. It can often be a struggle trying to figure out what God's will is, if we want to do it and if you are on the right track. What's worse, those around you also give their opinions, confusing you further. As I was going through one such phase in my life, I foraged through the Bible to help me relate to someone...guess what? I found a lot of people but these were the top three people I looked at, whose lives displayed tricky choices but a wonder working God.

Hearing about Haman's plot against the Israelites, Mordecai suggested that Esther speak to the king. Although his wife, an uninvited guest in the king's palace has much to fear; they face death. Esther understandably did not want to go, but it was God's will that she did. God didn't force her to go, push her fearful self into the king's court, but He changed her heart. After praying, she courageously went ahead, and the result - victory!

After being given a command from God to go to Tarshish and preach, you'd imagine Jonah would tremble and do it! Instead he got on a ship to Nineveh and slept soundly in the lower deck during the disciplining storm. God didn't grab Jonah and put him in Tarshish and order him to preach. He used a fish to swallow him, and inside the fish is where Jonah repented until he himself was willing to go. The result - salvation for a broken people!

As Saul, he brutally killed many for following Christ. His passion was to persecute and execute Christians. Instead of rebuking him and forcing him to believe, God simply appeared to him as Jesus on that road to Damascus, in fact He blinded him by His appearance. After having his sight restored, Saul became Paul; he had a change of heart and longed to see many saved by the grace that he knew was real. His life was spent preaching the gospel, spreading it from nation to nation, people to people until his death, where he breathed his last as a content follower of the Lamb. Result - rapid spread of Christianity!

You see, none of these people initially wanted to do what God destined them to do. God used situations to change their heart and steer them in the direction of His will. Moreover, each person's experience is different, so is their destined purpose and the way God ushered them into it.

Friend, whatever life throws at you, take a moment to pray, asking God to show you His will and guide you to it...and be prepared to submit to it.

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