Thursday, 20 June 2013

Visual Development - Connecting with our 'Spiritual Cortex'

Biology revision covered a variety of topics, one of which was on visual development. As I tried to make sense of it all, I realised that visual development is very similar to spiritual growth or 'spiritual development'.

The critical period of visual development is a time in post natal development in which the eyes need to be exposed to light, in order to refine the overlapping connections various neurones from the optic nerve, have with the columns of the visual cortex. The neurones compete for connections with the cortex. Depriving one eye of light (monocular deprivation) during this critical period, will sabotage its chances of acquiring connections with the cortex. As a result, when exposed to light after this period, even though the photoreceptors in the retina respond to it, the visual cortex does not. This is because stimulating neurones strengthens synapses, and the stronger the synapses the better the connections made!

Likewise, once we decide to walk with the Lord (the post natal development in Christian terms), we decide to strengthen our relationship with Him. In order to do so, we must consume ourselves with His word, regularly associate with firm believers and whenever possible, encapsulate ourselves with His presence by worship. Our souls need this spiritual stimuli in order to grow in the Lord so that we mature as Christians. Fortunately, the 'critical period of our spiritual development' does not last a short while but our whole lives, until we're united with the Savior, who is our 'spiritual cortex'.

Don't put it off too late, you may find that you've lost your connection!

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