Sunday, 30 June 2013

Promiscuity - is it worming its way into the norm?

Over the past few weeks I made some disturbing observations. They made me think about where our society and country as a whole are headed - if these observations persist, I can assure you that the future looks VERY bleak!

My aim through this article is to alert you with some 'food for thought', about matters that are often swept under the carpet or ignored altogether. While worthless celebrity gossip robs headlines, these issues are forgotten and not made a bigger fuss out of, a fuss that they deserve and require!

Come Dine With Me

'Come Dine With Me' is one of my favourite shows on Channel 4. Watching it for over 3 years, I have seen it evolve. I noticed that in recent episodes, the contestants saw it essential to entertain their guests...well nothing wrong with that! After all, it is a show about hosting! What troubled me however is what they considered entertainment and how it was received.
The contestants began hiring strippers for the night, as disturbing as that itself sounds, I was even more shocked to see the way the contestants reacted...while most women awkwardly acquiesced, most men would shamelessly concise description is purposefully implicit, but I'm sure you will get the gist as I had to switch channels!

Did I over react? Now what is wrong with a little bit of fun?

Fun! Seriously! Since when did promiscuity become permissible? Since when did being entertained mean arousing lustful desires? These folks could have easily well entertained their guests with a good old singer, karaoke or even a game of some sort...was a stripper their ONLY available option? No! They chose the 'popular' option! Well, most things that harm society ARE 'popular'...drugs, drunkenness, the list goes on...

Now what's wrong with lusting? No one is hurting anybody?

Jesus said, "...anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"

Do you still not see it? God considers lust sinful as His Law applies at the heart level. While all of us are guilty of this crime, it does not encourage us to continue sinning; walking into the pit ourselves or leading another into it! We must seek to repent and abstain.
If you're willing to play the secular card on this argument still stands. Lust is not love. It is selfish, it craves something superficial and temporary. It has been the root cause of adultery, divorces and break ups in innumerable cases, and openly encouraging this 'natural propensity' isn't going to help fortify the family unit, relationships or the community as a whole. It is a destructive, detrimental deception that seeks to disintegrate society.

Think about it! Act on it!

No More Page 3

It's not all bad news! Our apathetic society is beginning to awaken! Hence I'd like to close this post on a positive note, with an opportunity for you to actually 'Act on it!'
The 'No More page 3' campaign started by Lucy Holmes, has been gaining momentum over recent days in Britain, with many uniting their voices against a tabloid newspaper, The Sun, to remove the infamous 'Page 3' - a page dedicated for topless images of women!
'The Page 3 image is there for no other reason than the sexual gratification of men. She's a sex object. But when figures range from 300000 women being sexually assaulted and 60000 raped each year, to 1 in 4 who have been sexually assaulted, is it wise to be repeatedly perpetuating a notion that women are sexual objects?'
~ The Independent
There is a lot that this pressure group-campaign has already achieved, but your support will help make a greater difference. For more information and to sign the petition please follow the link: - It is that simple!

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