Monday, 24 June 2013

Marriage without fidelity?

I was shocked to learn recently that Lady Stowell had made a statement that, "In terms of the law, marriage does not require the fidelity of couples."

Marriage is a union between one man and a woman; it's a covenant of  commitment. The very nature of such a promise requires one to be faithful, taking that element out of it results in a shallow, meaningless formality that is merely comprised of words - in my opinion, such a promise cannot be considered 'marriage' and as a result, is utterly worthless!

Lady Stowell believes that couples should 'decide for themselves the importance of fidelity'.
The law exists to discipline and direct society by establishing morality...unfortunately our law makers themselves need a lesson on morality! With people who possess a defective moral compass in power, no wonder society is spiralling down a detrimental bottomless pit!

As Christians, it is imperative now more than ever, to stand firm in what the Word of God has to say about issues such as this. It is our duty to direct people to Christ and hence to what is right, because those in power have themselves forgotten what 'is' and 'is not'. Even from a secular point of view, infidelity does no good! It may satisfy our fleeting lustful nature, but it hurts hearts and breaks families - the very institution we must be seeking to fortify.

Think about it! Act on it! The fate of the next generation depends on it!

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