Sunday, 12 May 2013

Not his head, nor his foot, but out of his rib...

While focusing on Genesis 2:21-23, my study guide 'Engage' makes what it calls, 'a very cheesy point'! However, I loved the way it expands these well known verses, highlighting aspects I was previously oblivious to, hence I couldn't help but share it...

Genesis 2:21-23:
So the LORD God made him fall into a deep sleep, and he took out one of man's ribs. Then after closing the man's side, the LORD made a woman out of the rib. The LORD God brought her to the man, and the man exclaimed, "Here is someone like me! She is part of my body, my own flesh and bones. She came from me, a man. So I will name her Woman!"

Engage: Woman was taken out of man - not out of his head, to rule over him; nor out of his feet, to be trampled on by him; but out of his side, to be equal to him - under his arm, that he might protect her, and near his heart that he might love her.

Who knew that the simple image of God creating Eve from Adam's rib could have so much to it! From the beginning God wanted to accentuate that we are all equal in His eyes, yet we have been entrusted to different roles in our relationships with each other, within the Church and in society as a whole, according to our overall strengths and capabilities. While these roles can differ between individuals, generally speaking, the gender-specific roles are not intended to undermine the other, but are meant to support them, so that united, we can serve the kingdom of God efficiently.

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