Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dear friend, who hopes in the works you do
yes, I am here to talk to you,
your life is empty headed for a blind end,
I want to warn you, because I love you friend

We all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory
we try to get back on track but forget about His mercy.
Aimlessly relying on goodness, charity and magnanimity,
all we'll ever reap is heaven's eternal enmity

God desires not a slave but a friend
He wants not discipline but love, till the end.
Don't get me wrong, 'good works' are needed,
not first, but emerging from the faith primarily seeded.

Didn't He say that His grace was enough?
You are constantly fooled that eternal life is tough!
God longs not for anything you have got,
all He desires, is a sincere and open heart.

Hasn't He already settled your case?
By paying the greatest price, wiping the shame off your face?
When He has taken your place to ease the pain,
all your frantic deeds look great, but are all in vain

Confession of sins and acceptance of His love,
is all that is required to secure your place above.
Now friend, ponder on what I've been saying,
quit your striving, let's commence the praying.

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