Monday, 13 August 2012

Secular Music - Good or Bad?

'What you listen to is either who you are, or who you want to be' ~ Mark Halls (Casting Crowns)

The above, is a valid statement!
Recently, with all the musical celebrations in London, from the Jubilee to the Olympics, I have never enjoyed music on such a large, commercial scale. As much fun as it is, it isn't all good news...I feel empty once it's done. The results of these songs are temporary, they leave you craving for more 'cause they never satisfy in the first place.

I know I sound like a 'hater' but please bear with me.
I abandoned secular music two years ago, after I chose to have a serious relationship with the Lord. Trust me, not an easy choice by ANY means! My passion and love for music goes beyond years I can remember - from Classical to Heavy Metal, name it, I'll love it! Sadly, it left me morbid; the aftermath was not as glamorous as the music itself, in fact, it was vile.

Music is the portal that gives you direct access into the artist's heart. Singers and songwriters write songs that obviously mean a lot to them; they express their desires, expose their dreams and share their lives. As music leaves us feeling so empty after, we listen to it over and over again. While it seems almost impossible to memorize a few lines for school, it takes no effort to remember a couple of lines from our favorite song. Why? More than the words impacting us, it's the rhythm. The beats make it easier for our minds to register the data. When we listen to songs, we allow the artist's thoughts to enter, rest and saturate our minds. We are being shaped into them - whether you like it or not, whether you agree with me or not - fact is, our character is shaped by our environment. Sooner or later, you will think like them.

Unfortunately, artists, singers and songwriters are mere humans. Just like us, they're filled with the filth of this world - sexual lust, greed, selfishness, pride, rebelliousness, disobedience and open hatred towards God. Unless they're saved or genuinely searching, their songs are bound to have these themes echoing through them. Do you see the problem?

Don't get me wrong! I'm not hating on secular music. I'm not against it either. I feel that it is enjoyable at times and also helps you understand what others are facing. In addition, there are some secular songs that hold very powerful, humanitarian messages. I encourage listening to such songs once in a while. However, I'm concerned about our generation's exposure to the songs with numerous swear words, unimaginably vivid sexual connotations and imagery; and if that wasn't enough, those that are accompanied by vulgar, pornographic music videos.
Is that what you want to feed your system? Is that what you want to be associated with? Is that what you want to become?
As a Christian, your answer SHOULD be a big, fat, firm "NO!"

Philippians 4:8 - Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.

Your goal, as a Christian, should be to please God by obeying His word - living a life that glorifies Him. How on earth do you expect to obey the above command, if all your mind has been fed with, is more filth than what our flesh naturally consists of? I couldn't cope, hence my drastic decision.

I repeat, secular music itself isn't 'bad', unless it consists of debatable lyrics by artists with questionable lives and lifestyles. We, as imperfect beings, 'learn' from our environment, an 'imperfect' environment or one that is worse than our inner spiritual state, isn't magically going to better us! If the language is repulsive, rude or the images portrayed are sexual - FLEE FROM IT 'cause sooner or later, as I found out, you will fall into the same deep pit of sin.

What next?

Simple! Censor what goes in.
I was filled with glee to discover that every imaginable genre, had numerous Christian artists who praise God with their music. You've got to do a bit of research, find the ones that appeal to your musical buds and make them your 'main playlist' - cut the secularism down bit by bit to filter out the filth trying to enter and adulterate your mind.

Yes, you're going to look a bit strange and miss out on the 'fun', but God didn't call you to be 'of' this world - THERE NEEDS TO BE A TANGIBLE DIFFERENCE. Remember, God paid an immeasurable price to save and give you freedom FROM your sins, NOT to give you freedom TO sin! How much do you value His price? Complacency in one area, will surely cost you dear in your spiritual pursuit where you ought to do everything to fortify your relationship with Christ.

Your music defines you. You are what you listen to. It makes a big difference. 
The choice is your's. Choose wisely.

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