Thursday, 12 July 2012

Recently a thought grabbed my attention... one of the worst feelings one could ever feel, is when they care about or love a person to such an extent, however that same care or love isn't reciprocated, appreciated or even recognized.

This thought saddened me greatly. As I reflected, I realized something far more upsetting...
There is Someone who cares about me very much, He has done so much for me, He loved me to such an extent that He gave His life to save me - that Someone is God...however, I rarely thank Him, I rarely show my love for Him, I rarely do anything back for Him, in fact I rarely think about Him although I'm always on His mind! Does this sound familiar?

We neglect spending time with God, the one who immeasurably loves us. We seldom reciprocate, appreciate or even recognize the love He has for us...wouldn't that sadden, grieve and hurt a God who has sacrificed everything for us. The greatest heartache is said to be, when one waits for a loved one without realizing that they're trying to avoid them. If this can be said of humans, whose love is 'limited', it'll have to be aggrandized greatly to express the heartache God feels, whose love is 'unlimited'.

Give Him what He deserves, set aside at least a small part of your day, say 30mins or an hour, just to focus on God and spend some quality time with Him. A lack of communication not only hurts people, it destroys a relationship.

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