Friday, 16 March 2012

Morality Cannot Evolve

It always worries me to think that morality evolves with society. But should it? What is morality anyway and where does it come from?

'Morality' is defined as the 'principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior', according to the Oxford Dictionary. 'Principles' are defined as a set of 'rules', therefore morality is a conscientious law. A 'law' that evaluates the intentions behind every thought and action, a 'law' that we cannot determine ourselves but is fixed by a greater force that abides the law and is beyond the law (thus, is perfect!). Morality is rooted in our conscience; it is often associated with the 'gut-feeling' that determines our actions. We were given a conscience, its something you're born with - we don't determine it and learn it as we grow, we just 'know' it, somehow; thus we were given morality. The 'Giver' is God. Morality isn't just a set of rules that can be refined as time progresses, it is fixed. Morality finds its place deeply rooted in the principles and values preserved in God's word and the guidance He provides through His Holy Spirit.

Things are so different these days but the Holy Spirit isn't, He is the one who shapes our conscience and guides us; He has been given to us by an unchanging God. As our conscience or morality comes from Him, it cannot change. 

God never changes

Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I do not change
Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever

From seasons to societies' expectations, everything changes. God created everything, He is the maker of all time and space, it's therefore logical that God is beyond time, space and change.

'Thus, a finite time ago, a Creator endowed with free will could have easily brought the world into being at that moment. In this way, the Creator could exist changelessly and eternally but freely create the world in time...So the cause is eternal but the effect is not. In this way, then, it is possible for the temporal universe to have come to exist from an eternal cause: through the free will of a personal Creator.' - 'God Is Great, God Is Good' by William Lane Craig and Chad Meister

God's word doesn't change

Yes, God does not change, thus His words do not change either. It is illogical to even assume that an unchanging God would create changing laws. For His changing creation to work synchronously, He has to place unchanging laws - fixed laws that are inerrant in accuracy and precision, isn't that what creation itself, abstrusely exhibits? 
  • If the earth's position from the sun differed even by a minute amount, it would make life or conditions favorable for life impossible.
  • If the moon was  even a milli-meter closer to the earth, it could plummet into the earth destructively.
  • The absences of mechanisms in our body that control homeostasis and protein synthesis, would make life impossible.
...and the list goes on!
Although we were looking at physical laws of design and order in the universe, the same applies for moral laws.
If something is 'wrong' or 'immoral' today, it must be 'wrong' and 'immoral' in ten years time. Murder was considered a sin in Jesus' time, although Jesus lived around 2000 years prior to our existence, and society has changed so much, our view of murder does not change. Something that was wrong then, is obviously wrong now!

While we are quick to nod our heads vigorously, why do we struggle to stand firm for ALL the values and laws the Bible holds and portrays? The deeds and practices the Bible called 'sins' during the time it was written, are still sins!
The Bible was written by around 40 different writers, in various places, situations and time periods but agrees on ALL the laws it portrays - It was NOT a bunch of ideas, mere, bored men put together! It is a God-breathed, God-inspired book; yes, men 'wrote' it, however, the ideas WERE NOT their own, they were given to them by God. Men were the vessels or the pens that God chose to use. Anyone who reads the Bible and considers the profound message held by every verse, would know exactly what I'm talking about.
I need not give examples to depict the continuous detriment our society's expectations and values face. In the name of 'rights', we are tolerating unlawful, sinful behavior and nourishing our own sinful, evil desires. By doing this, we rob morality of its real, original meaning; we accelerate at a steady rate towards a society that will have NO REAL MORALS.

It is our responsibility to be stewards - that role does not require us to look after nature alone, it requires us primarily to care and support fellow human beings! Hence, I urge you, as a Christian to pray and take your stand for the word of God and the message, values and laws it promotes; that is the only way, we will preserve morality and godliness in an ever increasingly secularized world.

Things are so different these days but the Holy Spirit isn't, He is the one who shapes our conscience and guides us; He has been given to us by an unchanging God. As our conscience or morality comes from Him, it cannot change. 

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  1. If 'god never changes' and 'god's word is eternal' then do you accept that raped women who do not cry out loud enough should have to marry their rapist?

    Do you accept that you should not wear clothes woven of two different materials?

    Do you accept that you have a right to beat your slave?

    Do you accept that if you are a male, and your brother's wife dies, it is your duty to impregnate her?

    Do you accept that stoning people is acceptable?

    Do you accept that it's okay to kill an entire city if just one is an unbeliever?

    Do you accept all those things? Because if you don't, you've just lied, and if you do, you're evil.

    Oh and also your science was really incorrect but I just can't be bothered.