Saturday, 17 March 2012

Don't Get Rusty

Have you ever neglected your bike for a long time and then tried to ride it?
If you said yes, you will know that riding it requires quite a lot of effort, more than what is normally required!
The links of the chain in the cycle that connect the pedals to the wheels develop rust. Old door hinges and machinery suffer the same fate!
How do we fix it?
We add a lubricant to smooth it out so that the links can move freely, the way they should.

This 'lubricant rule' doesn't only apply to machinery, it also applies to us, as Christians. Ever so often, absorbed in the hassle of life, we neglect praying, reading and meditating on the word of God. By doing so, we become rusty Christians - it is impossible for us to function smoothly. We make the wrong choices, end up in a mess and wonder why! We forget to seek His guidance, listen to what He has to say or even pay attention to His warnings, no wonder we get tangled in a mesh!

No matter, how busy your day is, set apart at least ten minutes to read the Bible and pray, asking God to speak to you and guide you. You may wonder if it would really make a difference, but trust me, it really does enhance your relationship with the Savior - He is a personal God who is eagerly waiting to be involved in your life, to smooth out the creases and carry you through the calamities. Just let Him. Spend time with Him and you will see and feel the difference. His word is the lubricant, unless you use it effectively, you will never be able to function smoothly.
Remember, things that remain rusty for long, eventually stop working forever, lose all potential and have to be discarded. Hence, whatever you do, don't get rusty!

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