Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just To Tell Me

As it was Valentine's day yesterday and also my 2nd spiritual birthday, I couldn't help but reflect on the greatest love story ever told: God's unfathomable, unfailing love manifested in Christ Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. As I was listening to Jamie Grace's 14 Love Songs, I felt an overwhelming desire to write one about the One I love and by whose love I am who I am today.
Therefore, 'Just To Tell Me' portrays our search for the perfect love and the fact that, no matter what, we can only ever find it in Jesus - The One who gave Himself up for our sake, just because He loved us.


  1. I love Jamie's music too! I'm curious though, you were attaching your own music to this post? All I see is an empty box...
    At any rate, it's so true, sometimes I just wanna sing and have a love song for Him in my heart! Happy Spiritual birthday :D

    1. Thank you very much Amie :) glad you enjoy Jamie's music too! Oh no, it seems to work on my PC! I am not so sure what I've done, sorry about that. I'll try uploading once again. Thank you for letting me know Amie. Xx