Saturday, 14 January 2012

Why I hate religion, but love Jesus!

While having a conversation or 'debate' with a passionate atheist friend of mine we focused on this scenario, I would like you to give a thought to this too:
What do I lose by believing in Jesus and living my life for Him? Nothing!
What would I lose by not believing in Jesus and living a life saturated in sin? Everything!
My friend asked me, 'If you die and find out God didn't exist, what would you do?' I replied with a smile, 'I would be glad I lived, striving to please Him and by doing so I am not in anyway harmed by living for what I believed in. However, I will not, because I know for certain He exists and when you see him what are you going to say?' He hesitantly replied by saying, 'He is forgiving right, He can't possibly send me to hell - right?!' Unfortunately, or actually fortunately, I had the opportunity to shed light on his total misunderstanding, 'Yes, He is forgiving, but He is God, thus He is as just as He is forgiving. How can you expect Him to overlook a lifetime of offences towards Him? He is the One that gave you life and you decided to deny His existence! You will have to pay the penalty, that means being tormented in hell, that is where following Jesus comes in.'  Immediately another friend asked me, 'What if you find out another god was God?' - I had the same reply. I thank God for the opportunity to share the gospel with my friends and pray that they feel convicted about their sin and run into God's open arms, before its too late.

Religion cannot get you into heaven, only Jesus can. Your 'works' or just being 'called' a Christian cannot get you into heaven, only His grace can - you have got to believe, accept the penalty paid and repent; its no good boasting about being a Christian or even being called a Christian, you've got to live and love like one.
Do you profess to be a Christian? Then why do you still find the same old sin 'enticing', why do you still gladly indulge in the very things that ripped your Savior's flesh?
I am talking not only to you, to me too!

Our sinfulness is overwhelming that even the things we do out of 'good intention' are so tainted. This is why we need God. Religion is man searching for God; we search for Him but never find Him as we look in the wrong places; sadly sometimes, we don't look at all out of our pride and self-righteousness. But Christianity is God searching for man, the result of it all is Jesus - God has found you, you need to be prepared to acknowledge Him, you can only do it in Jesus.

I came across this powerful, thought provoking video recently and it practically blew my mind away! The issue addressed involves every one - Christian and non-Christian.

Following a 'religion' or being 'religious', isn't going to give you an express pass to heaven, you will be held accountable for your sins, for every time you've broken God's holy law. This is not a position any of us wants to stand in because each and every one of us will be found guilty and will have to pay the penalty before a just God - an eternity spent in torment in hell. Although religion offers a set of rules for us to abide, it misses the point that all of us are law breakers, it does not address the core of the problem, offering a way to cover up the filth stored up inside our hearts, this is what will be exposed on the day of judgement. The cure is Jesus - He paid your penalty, He suffered for your sake, He had you in mind when He was tortured and crucified - How can you still say 'no'!
By rejecting Him, you reject His sacrifice, you reject the redemption freely offered and doom yourself to an eternity of damnation and torment in hell. 

I know I have not been able to be precise, I believe this gentleman expresses this easily and a lot more explicitly. All of this and more is the message of this video, and I passionately agree with every word this gentleman says, kindly give five minutes of your time to watch this, you will not only be challenged but changed.

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