Sunday, 22 January 2012

Broken Before Beautiful

Our Church secretary, Chola Mukanga's sermon, highlighted something often overlooked by many - the fact that God uses broken things. This is a concept that amazes me and fills me with gratitude.

If we look back at most ordinary Bible heroes, we see that God broke them before using them:
Paul - was blinded by God on his way to Damascus
Jacob - had to fight the Angel of God
Joseph - had to be sold to merchants by his own brothers, out of jealousy
...and the list goes on.
But why does God do this? One can often wonder, why a loving God does this to His own children, why can't He just transform them and use them magically?!

God is our Father, not a magician, He is our Savior and friend thus He doesn't treat us like robots. He wants to refine us, teach us and sharpen us, like a sword bearer sharpens a sword for battle. He breaks us, to drive us to the point of helplessness, so that we totally depend and rely on Him alone - not only once but continue to do so. This is the only way, we choose to listen to Him, to His voice that constantly guides us. The best parenting doesn't force a child to do what is right (forcing often creates rebellion), it makes a child choose to do what is right (no matter what situation, the child's moral compass will function correctly and dominate the child's choices and decisions).

A YouTube user, 'TheFisheman71' beautifully phrases the entire message of this post: "It is when we know that we are broken that we seek wholeness. In that search we are bound to encounter the One who died to make us whole!"

If it weren't for these 'broken' days, how will we know and relish in the Savior's love? How will we know the pleasure we find in God alone? In our helplessness, He will be be glorified; through our helplessness, we will be sanctified. Often when we are going through the lowliest of points in life, don't give up but trust in the Lord and turn fully to Him, let His grace shine into your life and let Him lead the way - He will refine and sharpen you, bring you closer to Him and use you far greater than before, that is when we become, truly beautiful.


  1. Cinderella, I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been thinking about posting something like this on my own site, and you have worded the truth here so well. You're absolutely right, our Father isn't a magician - He is our Father, the one who disciplines out of love!
    Thank you for your strength to spread the love of Jesus, and I am looking forward to more of your encouraging posts.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Amie, I am very grateful. Sometimes its so easy to wonder if these posts really make a difference, but its lovely to know that God uses our posts in people's lives :)