Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Unlikely Hero - Meet God at the Microphone!

Do you consider yourself a shy person? Do you have a passion to serve God but cannot fight the fears that hinder you? Are you afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone?
You are not alone. Many young people across the globe, including me, feel the same way, especially when it comes to evangelism. The fears of rejection, hostility and unpopularity cloud our minds and fill us with anxiety, disabling us from spreading the Gospel. However, we need to rise up - if we don't, who will?
One of my favorite evangelists, Ray Comfort, is now known for his open air preaching, passion or burden for the lost and fearless, shameless means of street evangelism, however, he was not always this way. In fact, in his earlier Christian days, he thought that he could never stand up in the middle of the street and preach the Gospel to a multitude of strangers. God had other plans! Mr. Comfort had found a cause higher than his fears - the cause of testifying to the Gospel of Christ to save the lost, however, did not find the means to cast off the fear. One day when Mr.Comfort was out on the streets, God moved his heart to speak out and preach the Gospel, he took a step of faith and God met him at the microphone - God guided him, continues to guide him and he hasn't stopped speaking out for the advancement of His kingdom.
Sometimes, it takes an act of faith and trust in God to dismiss the whispers of fear and anxiety - when we do so, like Mr. Comfort and Zac (another unlikely hero, whose story is attached below) found out, God certainly meets you at the microphone.

Don't be discouraged by your present personality or disheartened by your inability to step out of your comfort zone, God can use anybody, embrace the burden and passion for the lost, find the cause that is greater than your fear and remember - if you don't speak up, who will?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Unlikely Hero - God can use anybody!

I'm too young to make a difference! Could something this small really change the world? I'm so imperfect, God wouldn't want to use me! If only I had... If only I was.... If only I could...

How often do these thoughts cloud our minds and discourage us from serving God for the advancement of His kingdom?

However, the truth is that God wants us the way we are, we can be used best by Him, as our imperfect selves - not as someone else. The little we do, with His help, for His glory matters a lot to Him, He notices it - We are never too young, never too imperfect, to make a difference!

The Bible is filled with unlikely heroes...

Mary - A teenager who was blessed and privileged to give birth to Jesus
David - An adulterer, murderer, shepherd who God transformed into Israel's greatest king and called him a 'man after His own heart'
Rehab - A simple gentile, a prostitute who God used to safeguard Israel and also gave the privilege to be one of the ancestors of Jesus
Moses - A murderer, stutterer, coward who God transformed and used to redeem and lead Israel out of slavery
Abraham - An idolater who become the father of Israel, God's inheritance
Paul - A murderer who chose to persecute and kill many Christians, God used him mightily for the advancement of His own kingdom and transformed him. Paul was even later martyred for His profession of faith in Christ.

The list goes on...

God is famous for using the unlikeliest people in a mighty way. In Mark Lowry's words 'God can use anybody, He has got no standards' -  He is willing to use you too, no matter who you are or what you've done - He can turn you around and mould you into what you can be with Him by your side!

Are you ready to be another unlikely hero?