Friday, 14 October 2011

180 Movie - A must watch!

A must watch pro-life documentary that will not only challenge you but change you. 
Your view on abortion will never be the same! 
Watch 180 - Turn 180

In this documentary, Ray Comfort(a committed Evangelist) draws an interesting parallel between the Holocaust and abortion, the 'Modern Holocaust'. This comparison is not only a very valid point, but one that cannot be easily dismissed or ignored; above all, it is a thought-provoking comparison that is bound to impact the audience in a remarkable way; God has used this documentary to touch and change many lives already.
Mr.Comfort not only draws out strong Biblical evidence to strengthen and validate his arguments, but also uses simple ubiquitous illustrations to help us analyse and evaluate for ourselves, the purpose and pain surrounding abortion. 
If you think nothing can change your mind on abortion, think again! 
Although '180' approaches the issue of abortion in a challenging way, abortion still remains an issue that is highly debated - ethical debates concerning individual, exclusive situations continue to baffle many Christians and medics. In situations where we lack discernment, one can only turn to the one and only reliable source of all advice and comfort, God. Remember, only God's will prevails and He is ready to help any who seek and cry out to Him earnestly.

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