Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lets be Authentic Christians!

While many don't want to be associated with Christianity or  fall away from it due to the unauthentic lives led by Christians, we forget and ignore the various, genuine acts of kindness many Churches and Christians do to impact their communities and share God's love. Here are two of my favorite...

A Church in America has seen many unfruitful evangelistic attempts. The hearts of those in their community were just really hard. Once a TV was given to the Church but was forgotten about, until the Pastor of the Church had a great idea during the football season. They decided to invite many people who lived in their community, from those who felt neglected and rejected to those who were very amicable to watch football and have some food. Many came along and were able to experience God's love in action and see the authenticity in the lives of these preachers, who clearly practiced what they preached.

In another part of America, during hard times and economic depression, a Church decided to organize a free medical camp for their community. With the help of many volunteers, the Church was able to provide medical services to a lot of people, and reach some of the most needy people in their community.

These Churches, put God's love into action. They found a way to connect with people and bridge outward differences and touch the heart, they showed their community that they care and love them because God loved them first; they made people feel special and accepted. In addition, these Churches have seen their numbers grow drastically, mainly because people wanted to see the reason behind the love these Christians showed.

Lets be authentic Christians, who joyfully practice what we passionately preach and flee from apathy and hypocrisy. God wants us to care for those around us, we as Christians have a responsibility, to overcome evil with those little good things that make an impact in lives. We are not perfect, but we are made and will be made perfect by Him who is perfect. Whoever came up with the saying 'Actions speak louder than words', is certainly 100% correct.

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