Friday, 2 September 2011

Blinding, Binding World...

The world just seems to blind me
and stretch me out into strings
pulling me from all directions,
trying to turn my life from You

There's money bundled in the corner
promising joy and rest
he tells me I'll be satisfied,
and forever trouble-free

There's fame standing in the spotlight
offering recognition,
he tells me he is all I need,
with whom everything I will gain

As I try to flee from both
self-righteousness clings to my coat
showing me I can do all things,
by myself 'cos I'm strong enough

As I try to battle 'em all
I hear your calm still small voice
reminding me of the One,
through whom I have come this far

You are whom I need to trust
to You I need to turn my gaze
once I put You first in all
I know that You won't let me fall

God, please give me strength
to resist these binding paths to death
that cling to me and turn me from,
Your outstretched arms and love so great

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