Tuesday, 16 August 2011

When Death...

When death shrivels my body
and breath and heart beat stop,
my soul will awaken
and fly to a land far above.

The path will reach beyond the skies,
even beyond our Milky Way,
with the Sun hardly visible
and earth no where in sight.
The path will be lit by the stars,
with trumpets and harps making music,
the distant 'Hallelujah' will resound
from angels and saints long gone.

I will see patches of gold dust,
an indication that 'Home' is nigh.
Finally will I stand awestruck
before the pearly gates.
As perfection surrounds my soul
I will know all that I believed,
in God, my Savior and my Lord
and in the whole of eternity.

I will stand humbled
at the profound purity before me,
something I could never achieve completely
in that earth far, far away.
What makes me worthy
of such a gift as this.
Thus, my soul hesitantly waits,
reluctant to even make a move.

Then I'll see Him running
with arms stretched wide
love blanketing His beautiful eyes
and wisdom glowing in His smile.
He'll carry me into the pearly gates
where a banquet lies await,
a loud cheer and trumpet blasts
will welcome such a soul as mine.

Only by His grace will I attain
such a gift as precious as this
His life ransomed for one,
someone, as lowly as me.
In Him will I be worthy,
in Him I am renewed
penalty paid and perfection acquired
reflecting my holy Lord.

Now, I'll strive and eagerly wait
till the day death will take its toll,
as it is the day I will be 'Home'
to my precious Savior and Lord

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