Wednesday, 31 August 2011

'We're made of stardust'

My views have slightly changed since I wrote this post - I will expand on my present views at the end of this post. I have decided to leave my previous musings, as I believe it depicts how our view of the world changes as we mature in the Lord and better understand His Word.

On a recent trip to the Royal Observatory, I was shocked to hear a presentation about stars that said 'Stars are closer to us than we think, we're all made of stardust!' As I looked around the room, I could see proud smiles, I did not understand! To be honest, I found it insulting to hear that I was made up of atoms and molecules that were the remains of a star, that magically combined in some gene pool and through an accident, evolution made me!

Those who were listening to this presentation, seemed so proud to hear that they were made up of star dust, accidentally! What logic does that make? Why is it harder for them to accept the fact that they were made in the image of God, by God? Our society projects theories as facts to those around, thus adulterating the minds of many. What many forget in the course of their lives is that the 'Big Bang Theory' is just a 'theory' and the 'Evolution Theory' is just a 'theory' - no one has enough proof to claim that these theories are 'facts'. There are immense fossil records that disprove the evolution theory - if you are interested, research the 'Cambrian Explosion' - this is where the fossils of many different complex creatures were found with NO connection to any other organism! Moreover, the Big Bang itself is an incomplete theory! Those who choose to believe these don't do it for the facts (if they did, they would know that these theories are just non-provable myths for grown-ups), they do it because they do not want to accept the fact that God exists. The existence of these theories, explains very little but raises many questions, that is not the same with Creation...
Creation explains everything, logically, and no evidence has ever been found to oppose it - this fact, is ignored blindly by our society. It is easier and a lot more logical, to believe that 'in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth'!

Ecclesiastes 1:10 'Is there anything of which one can say, "Look! This is something new"? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.' - God created us and every other organism on earth. Things don't magically evolve into new organisms, everything we see now already existed. There will obviously be visual links between organisms, that does not mean they evolved from one another, it merely exhibits the fact that God is a splendid Creator, He wanted all organisms to fit in somehow and thus have a basic similarity e.g. 2 eyes, 1 nose .etc.

If you're still not convinced, may I take this opportunity to encourage you to read the Bible, read Genesis and see how much logic that makes and compare it to these incomplete theories. Remember, the DNA of a crocodile is closer to that of a chicken than ANY OTHER organism on earth - Lets see how the 'theory' of evolution explains this fact!

I am not going to attempt debating evolution, creation and intelligent design in this post. Although I was once staunchly anti-evolution, I have come to see how the Genesis account beautifully complements the theory of evolution by natural selection, and the evidence in fossil record. Of course God created the world, but how He chose to do so and bring each creature into existence is something we will only find out when we meet Him. Who are we to say He could not have used evolution to bring about such order!


  1. Why the dislike of the big-bang theory? And the fact that we are made from stardust? Does god use not use tools in order to shape the world how he wants?

    To deny the existence of the big bang, is like to deny the existence of stars, galaxies and any other extra-celestial object.

    The thing is, that no evidence has ever been found to support Creation, and no evidence has ever been found to disprove the big bang theory, in fact the more we learn about space, the more the big bang theory makes sense.

    As for the chicken-croc problem, the explanation is quite simple; "Reptiles have different groups, but we are concerned about the diapsid reptiles. The fossil record shows that the diapsids branched into two more groups, the lepidosaurs and the archosaurs.
    The lepidosaurs evolved into the lizards and snakes.
    The archosaurs evolved into the dinosaurs, the crocodiles and the flying reptiles.
    Birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs.
    Therefore, according to the fossil record, birds and crocodiles share a much more recent common ancestor than do crocodiles and snakes."

    I believe faith doesn't have to make you stupid. It's should not be used as an excuse to ignore facts.

    Science and spirituality need not be mutually exclusive. It's just as impressive if God or whomever made the earth 4.5 billion years ago and that evolution was part of the grand scheme.

    But unfortunately it's easier to just to blindly believe, rather than use the brain god gave you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I do not dislike the Big bang or evolution, however, I am a Creationist. I have no problem with evolution and the Big bang being used by God as tools to shape the world. However, the scenario above, the one that worries me is the total rejection and isolation of God from the formation of the world. As long as its not stated explicitly in the Bible I'm cautious about advocating and believing it. Thank you for the croc fact, thats really interesting.