Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Revelations put Billy on Route 666' - METRO

When I read this article on the 25th of August 2011, in the METRO, it shocked me! Billy Connolly and his friend ripped out pages from the book of Revalations to make a roll up cigarette. This is the appalling state to which our society is headed towards. It truly broke my heart to see that very few openly opposed it. Unless our society learns to regard and respect the Bible for what it really is - the Word of God - we will not see a true and massive change.
Why don't Christians, like other religious communities, unite their voices to speak out against such things? God has given us all a voice, a voice to stand up for what is right, let us use that voice before it is too late to make a difference... What this pair above did, was totally wrong, so lets show our disapproval for such actions in the future; even if we don't literally 'speak-out' let us at least pray that similar men would know their mistake and repent and above all be led to Salvation.

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