Sunday, 3 July 2011

Missed that Quite Time - Again!

One of the things I find very hard to do is keep up with my 'Quiet Times'! It is so easy to go into the 'Quiet Time' mood out of practice or just to get a certain favor from God. However, when that is sorted out, we get into our busy lives and forget God.

One of my favorite Christian TV shows is 'iShine KNECT'. On a recent episode the iKitchen(a special segment within the show) host, Sydney, spoke about filling a jar with apples and rice. When we fill the jar with the rice first, there is not much room for the apples; but when the apples are filled first, the rice automatically adjusts and fits in between. I loved this illustration! The jar represents our lives; when we get caught up with the little things that keep us busy, we do not have enough room for the more important things in life; the apples(i.e. Quiet Time with God). However, when we first fill our lives with the important things, the little things easily fit in somehow.

There is one verse that came to my mind on this topic:

Matthew 6:33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Seeking His kingdom: We are strangers in this world and therefore, we'll always feel incomplete. We need our Savior, to hold on to our real home, our real identity in Christ. That is why even the Lord's prayer says, "Thy kingdom come" Even in today's sermon by Pastor Derek Sewell, we saw how God's kingdom is not of this world but is a spiritual one. It is a kingdom that demonstrates and constantly lives on His saving grace and the salvation. This kingdom although is already here, it still is to come. We need to constantly long and yearn for that connection to this kingdom we belong to and the best way to seek His kingdom is through His word and prayer, Jesus Himself demonstrated this.
Seeking His righteousness: Many seem to forget the "and His righteousness" bit of this verse, however, this is the most important bit(in my opinion!). Our flesh, always seems to crave for sin! The temptations of this world try to envelop us, therefore it is vital for us to sincerely crave for righteousness. God is the only one who is righteous, Jesus set the standard high, and therefore, His righteousness should be what we aim for, although we can only achieve it in Him. How can we do this? Again, the best way to do this is by searching or meditating on God's word and through prayer.

Seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness should be done FIRST! When? FIRST! To do this sincerely, I believe that 'Quiet Time' is the best option! When we are very busy, the first thing that seems to leave our schedule is our 'Quite Time', it needs to be the last. Especially during my exams, there are times when I think that the time I spend for meditation may be used better for that final brush-up revision, however, I can not stress how much more important spending time with God is. Bible is our manual for 'life'; guiding us through life and helping us choose that which is right. God is the King of our lives, a good and renewed relationship with Him will help us listen to his voice. Our eternal destiny depends on our spiritual lives and a strong spiritual life reflects positively in all the other aspects of our life; thus, our 'Quite Times' of meditation and prayer are vital for our existence! When we spend hours together on other aspects of life, why can't we spare at least one hour to re-fuel our lives with God's guidance? Therefore lets remember that when we put Him and doing His will first in our lives, all other things will fall into place naturally! Trust me, they really do!

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