Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Let Him control the rudder...

I hate the feeling that I get when I know I haven't done enough to help someone out or just feel guilty for something I'd done wrong or a wrong choice in general. The problem is, I never know what to do after that...
I am the kind of person who likes to be made to do instead of think and ask for help straight away(this is not a very good quality)...the worst thing is, I want to help or do something, but have absolutely NO IDEA HOW to do so, I'm afraid that I'll make the wrong choice.; even if I do help, I feel guilty as I always feel that I haven't done enough!
However, I forget that there is someone, waiting to offer the correct help that I need, someone waiting to tell me exactly what to do so that I don't make the wrong choice...GOD!
Like James 1:5 says If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him - At times like these, we need the discernment to choose our actions wisely, thus we need to ask God. Although this might seem like a simple thing to do, believe me, it can be easily forgotten.
 We, as humans, are mostly possessive of our lives and sometimes think that we are at the wheel and in-charge. However, the reality is, if we take control of the rudder with our horizontal vision, we will certainly CRASH at one point; if we let God take control, with His bird's eye view vision of our entire life and the consequences of all the possible choices we make, we are certain to end up on the shore safe and sound.
If, like me, you've done something similar and you're the kind of person who feels guilty really easily, remember: God prepared to give a sincere heart another chance in life to set things right by learning from past failures; we ought to pursue that opportunity with wide, open arms but with His help; like my friend Deborah Marquardt once said, "Come on, give Him a try" - You'll know the difference His choice makes straight away!
God is just waiting to interfere in the endeavors in our life to help us make those baffling decisions; He knows the ultimate outcome of it all and wants to help us steer our lives in the correct direction through every action - All we've got to do is ASK and TAKE His opinion by letting Him take control of the rudder of our lives.

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