Saturday, 11 June 2011

I have only ever lived for myself
the mistakes I've made haunt me
now my life is filled with despair
as I'm pursued by the past I see

I try to cling onto branches or vines
to hold on to my life so dear
with helplessness I stand midst
an endless ocean so unclear

With all I have done and still do
I hesitate to call out to You
will You come for a worm like me
or reject me like others do

I've heard about the mercy You showed
to many through ages past
I fear to come before the true God
so powerful and filled with might

But You Yourself give Your hand
reach out and grab me out
filled with love, compassion and of course
a grace that still abounds

A peace rests upon a restless life
a love that warms my soul within
all of this I received for free
just because you died for me

Although perfection I can't attain
I pray with sincerity
please Lord help me to live
more for you and less for me.

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