Monday, 2 May 2011

Those Pesky Weeds...

The greatest threat that I face each day is my pride... It is so great that it is almost tangible; it keeps growing. My pride is not something that causes 'big-headedness', it affects my relationship with my loving Savior.
Pride may be a short word, but the effects it leaves are certainly not short... Ignorance, Doubtfulness and Disbelief are all closely associated with pride. Once pride conceives inside us, it gives birth to these horrendous triplets. A prideful heart is too haughty to admit its inability to fathom all the mysteries of life and of the Bible; it is too prideful to realize that its understanding is finite. Pride is like a weed in a beautiful garden, although it doesn't belong there, it is very hard to eradicate it, when it grows it causes detriment to the growth of the plants around it. Our prideful hearts can be the foundation to our sinfulness, it is what that causes us to be so vulnerable to the distortions of the world, it is what leads us astray.
Our spiritual growth is vital. The fig tree that didn't bear its fruit was destroyed...our faith ought to bring forth some fruit. Whatever inhibits our faith from growing into a fruitful tree must first be identified. In my case it was that underlined pride, but there can be other causes too: a short temper, doubtful heart, sinful thoughts .etc. As Paul says in Acts, my dearest, please be watchful. When we do find this weakness we have got to get rid of it.
However, the plant cannot eradicate the weed, we need a 'Weed killer' - Call on Jesus...He will not only take away the weed but also unearth its roots - I know that He is the best and only Spiritual Weed Killer ever! His word has the ingredients and instructions to formulate the perfect weed killing recipe; all we've got to do is faithfully search and seek Him alone. Lets get rid of those pesky weeds!


  1. Cindy,

    This is amazing!
    I shall become an avid reader!

    Very good thoughts on pride. I have been studying pride lately through the book of Obadiah! God's judgement on pride is quite severe there!

  2. Thank you very much. Looking forward to hear your sermon on pride.