Sunday, 8 May 2011

Abhorrence to Appreciation

An abhorrent sight I see,
with trials, temptations and grief.
Disorderly due to my sins
and a pain that doesn't ease.

I turned to liars a many
to satisfy a soul so weak,
but in none I found a remedy
and none who'll hold me near.

My sin had become so heavy
I slipped farther behind than all
As I carried my burden heavy
I pretended I was well to all

Suddenly a sight shook me
up on a mountain top,
t'was a bright light from a wooden tree
that brightened the world so dark

A Man hanging from that tree
blood gushing down His face
His misery however, lifted
my burden one by one

As they took His body away
and placed it in a tomb
my grief grew so much 'cause
I knew He didn't deserve it at all

But three days later he arose
beating death once and for all
my sins and burdens he carried away
carried away so far

Now I rejoice in the love He showed
even to a sinner like me,
who hardly deserved what He did
hanging on that tree.

My grief, pain, tears have gone
by Your sacrifice alone
no one else could do the same
only Your grace and love.

Savior, You are Lord to all
help me to always see
that it is not me who lives
but you who lives in me.

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