Friday, 8 April 2011

God Cares

He made man, in His own image one day
That man, chose to disobey God even though he was blessed.
Yet God cared.
He helped him make civilizations and find food,
But man chose to do it his own way.
Yet God cared.
God gave man the wisdom and intellect to work for His glory,
Man refused and chose to deny His existence.
Yet God cared.

He came down to earth to die for us; to give us life
But man, rejected the gift and took away his life.
Yet God cared.

Even today, God sheds a tear waiting for man to seek Him,
Man, so stubborn, willingly rejects Him.
Yet God cares.
Although Lord, I know I am not worthy, I accept your gift so free,
Trusting that you will make my heart holy because you
O God care.

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