Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Be like a 5 year old!

Today on the bus, a 5 year old girl was arguing with her dad about something. At first, I ignored it but then I could hear their conversation clearer...
The girl, innocently, yet with complete certainty asked her dad, 'How can you say that Jesus is not real? He created us you know!' The dad dismissively said, 'Well that's just one world view, but personally, its not for me.'
This really amazed me, the heart of such an innocent little girl is open and convinced about the truth of the Gospel while the mind of a full grown, intelligent man rebukes and doubts it. The innocence of childhood keeps away the sins of the world. God has designed this blanket of innocence to safeguard His little children from worldly influences and sins. This really filled me with shame! The certainty in the child's voice was astounding; she sounded like she has seen and known God Himself. As we grow up, our minds get adulterated with the views and values of the world that it becomes harder to hold on to our faith.
To be honest, I am surrounded everyday by many unbelievers, I struggle a lot with sparks and waves of doubts and ignorance in my mind and ever so often need to ask for God's guidance to assure and strengthen me. This reminds me of the times of the apartheid and segregation: little children play together, oblivious to the racial differences, treating all equally. However, as they grow older the society's influences corrupts their mind and many turn away and see the partition, learn to hate and give way to prideful sin. This doesn't only apply to equality and segregation but also religious views.
Even as a Christian, I can honestly tell you that I have never seen any one so sure like that little girl, who hasn't even had the opportunity to know about God as we have had. This really helped me understand the reason behind why God said, 'For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.' 
I really do pray to God that this girl has the opportunity to know about her Saviour and in due time bring her family to Christ.
Let us learn from her innocent certainty that we ought to hold that kind of a strong assurance when we speak about and seek God. We are not 5 year olds but sometimes, we ought to humble ourselves as 5 year olds to understand the greater mysteries of life!

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